If engaging with us for a recruitment assignment is akin to going to hospital’s A&E department, then our consulting services are more like the wellness and prevention centre.

We can help you transform your HR function into a data driven business function that focuses HR processes into positive business outcomes. This involves going far beyond just adopting the right tools and technology, but completely changing an organisation's mind-set to be data driven. This is quite a cultural transformation and takes time to build, but the research is clear - companies that put 'people data' at the forefront of their decision making create better places to work, hire greater talent, produce stronger financial results, and make a bigger impact in society.

From specific mini projects tailored to solve one area of your HR or Talent problem to the design and implementation of a full scale Digital HR Transformation we partner with small and large companies each with a common goal - transform your HR to be a strategic business partner.

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion”

Metamorph’s HR consulting services provide strategic framework and implementation on the following :-

  • Digital HR Transformation
  • People Analytics
  • Talent Acquisition Optimization
  • Employer branding/CHRO branding
  • Employee Experience & Design Thinking

All projects start with a FREE 'Digital HR Health-check' before proceeding.

For more information contact directly.